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Welcome to the Barbados Kennel Club!

The Barbados Kennel Club is today as dedicated to the promotion and welfare of pedigree dogs as it was in its beginnings in Queen’s Park in 1951.

The pedigree dog scene is promoted by the holding of championship shows which give breeders and owners the opportunity to “show case” their dogs for the public. Entries can come from as many as twenty different breeds – ranging from the tiny Papillons to the giant Great Danes, and Bullmastiffs.

More About the BKCHistory of the BKC

Dog of the Year

2019 - Ch. Balto Von Muntz

Owner: Dr. W.Welch

Breed: Rottweiler

Locally Bred Dog of the Year

2019 - Ch. Crownridge Bubblicious (A.I.) C.D.

Owner: Mrs. S.B. Hamilton-Outcalt

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

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