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Schedule of Fees

Review our current schedule of fees below. If you need to download any form then please click on the links below!

Become a MemberDownload Forms
Ordinary Membership Entrance Fee $50
Ordinary Membership Annual Subscription $25
Junior Membership Entrance Fee $25
Junior Membership Annual Subscription $15
Life Membership (age 50 and over) $250
Life Membership (under age 50) $400
Member Non-Member
Registration of a litter (LOCAL) per Dog $25 $45
Registration of a Dog (IMPORTED) $50 $100
Late Registration (After 6 months) per Dog $50 $90
BKC Certified Pedigree / Export Pedigree $80 $80
Five Generation Pedigree $20 $40
Change of name by adding AFFIX (Kennel name) $10 $20
Registration & Compounding of AFFIX $25 $50
Loan of Bitch for Breeding Purposes $20 $40
Transfer from a Member to a Member $25
Transfer from a Member to a Non-Member $40
Transfer by a Non-member $40
Registration of a Canine Society or Club $500
Maintenance of Title of Club or Society (Affiliation fee) $50
Duplicate Registration or Transfer form $20