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At a meeting of the General Committee of the B. K. C. held on June 6th, 1996, the Committee set into place the following points system for ascertaining the winner of the Dog of the Year Competition.

Every dog that competes will receive one (1) point, then points are awarded as follows:

Numbers Challenge Certificates Best of Breed Reserve Group Winner Group Winner
1 5 0 0 30
2-6 10 5 25 60
7-11 15 10 30 65
12+ 20 15 35 70

* Numbers refer to (a) the number of dogs competing within the sex for the CC, (b) the number of dogs competing within the breed for Best of Breed and (c) the number of breeds competing within the group for the Best of Group and Reserve. NO POINTS will be awarded for Best of Breed, etc. if the CC is withheld. All points up to and including the Best of Group are cumulative. The dog judged Best in Show will receive 200 points, the dog judged Reserve Best in Show will receive 150 points. These are the only points these dogs will receive for each show.